New website

I appear to have become the de facto webmaster for Ch3, so I may as well make it look decent at last.

Update 29/11/15

Perhaps I should really expand on this.  In late 2013 I was asked to put up "a webpage" to act as a holder for the activities around the initial survey and meetings. Since I'm not on the committee (out of choice) I had said I would do them in the hope that once the group got going, someone else would take it on.  As such I put up some very crude pages with minimal navigation and hand crafted HTML.

As is inevitable with these things, two things happened (or didn't). First, as activities increased, more pages were needed, these I duly did. Second, the website was happening, therefore no one stepped forward to take it over.

The pages I added were shoe-horned into the existing site, but because I had no intention of maintaining the site for long, there was no consistent structure to it.  Navigation was becoming a pain because the links were inconsistent and there was no mechanism for automatically updating all the pages when something changed.  In other words it had outgrown itself.

This original site still exists (for historical documentation purposes!) at  and won't be updated any more.

So, two years on, I decided to do what I should have done at the very beginning and use a CMS for the site and this is the result.  Inevitably all CMS packages result in a compromise over what is possible to do - actually, most CMS's are very configurable, and the compromise depends on the admin's programming ability and the time available to do it (guess which one I'm limited on).  So although everything may not be exactly as everyone wants, I think it gives a much more professional feel to the whole thing; and it's easier to add content.  The CMS I've chosen to use is called OpenOutreach which is a series of pre-packaged enhancements based around Drupal, a well known OpenSource CMS.

I am, possibly, open to constructive comments on the site.  I have no intention of spending vast amounts of my time dealing with it so forgive me if I don't implement your suggestions.

If anyone feels the need to provide content for the site, then please do - this can be a blog or articles or whatever.  The only criteria are that it should be related to Christ Church Chemists, that it be non-commercial (i.e. no adverts, no selling, no thinly disguised infomertials), and that it not be libelous. If anyone thinks they can do a better job of all this than me, then please feel free...